Jerry Kuzemczak: the defense of civil claims and lawsuits

Welt & Kuzemczak, LLC
990 Clifton Avenue, 2nd Floor
Clifton, New Jersey 07013

Introduction and firm philosophy

The Law Offices of Welt & Kuzemczak, LLC is a full service law firm specializing in the defense of civil claims and lawsuits. The firm is dedicated to an effective and vigorous client service throughout New Jersey with offices centrally located in Clifton. The firm utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

The firm is cognizant of the balanced demand for cost efficiency without a compromise of quality service. We regard our clients as partners with whom we work together on the task of achieving successful results through a mutually
beneficial billing structure. We are open to flexibly tailored rate planning in order to accomplish this important balance.

Areas of practice

The firm’s clients include a number of insurance companies, Third Party Administrators, school boards, municipalities, water and sewage commissions, and self insured corporations.

Our litigation practice is notably diversified, with primary emphasis in the area of insurance defense of public entities. Matters relating to the garden variety automobile and general liability claims to the more complex cases involving Title 59, Employer’s Liability, Public Officials Liability, CEPA and LAD litigation, construction litigation, architects, engineers and other professional malpractice, employment discrimination, and products liability are all areas which have been litigated extensively by one or more members of the firm.

Clients increasingly consult us in anticipation of potential disputes, and the firm is routinely involved in the claim stage with an eye towards alternative dispute resolution. The firm litigates in the federal and state courts and appears before arbitration panels, including the American Arbitration Association and private industry tribunals.